Ramon Eilat Airport

The new Eilat International Ramon airport (ETM) is open since 2019. It’s location is just a 20 minute drive away from the city centre and the Red Sea. Flight schedule winter 2022 – 2023 (Nov-Apr)

ViennaWizzAir |We|SaGo to Wizzair site
Rome - FiumicinoWizzAir |Tue|Sa
Brussels-CharleroiRyanair |We|Sa (from Dec 17th)Go to Ryanair site
Paris-BeauvaisRyanair |Mo|Th (from Dec 19th)
OrlyTranssavia |SuGo to Transavia site
KrakowRyanair |Su|Th (from Dec 18th)
KaunasRyanair |Sa|Tue (from Dec 17th)
HelsinkiFinnAir |TueGo to Finair site

We will keep adding new and available airline connections between Eilat and Europe.

Meanwhile you can book your flight to the cool city of Tel aviv and drive down or fly down https://www.israirairlines.com or https://www.arkia.co.il for some enjoyable couple of days at Red Sea destination Eilat.

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