King Hussein Airport Aqaba

Eilat in Israël and Aqaba in Jordan are two bordering cities on the beautiful Red Sea. Both cities have an international airport with many direct friendly budget flights to and from Europe. There is a border to cross and some taxes to pay but in some cases it might be a good option to fly into Aqaba when your city of departure has no direct flight to Eilat or you want to visit Jordan first.

When in Aqaba – Jordan, visit Wadi Rum & Petra, cross the border, stay a few days at the Cactus B&B in Eilat for hiking and/or snorkeling, fly back home from Ramon Eilat airport or travel to the Dead Sea and Jerusalem and end your journey in the cool city of Tel Aviv.

We will keep adding new and available airline connections between Aqaba and Europe.
Click here to see all budget flights for Ramon International Airport in Eilat (ETM)

Aqaba winter schedule 2022 – 2023 (Nov – Apr)

Direct flights to Aqaba

London-GatwickEasyjet |Tue|Sa
ManchesterEasyjet |Mo|Fr (from Feb 6th 2023)
Rome-CiampinoRyanair |Th|Su
Milano - BergamoRyanair |We|Su
ViennaRyanair |Mo|Fr (from Dec 19th)
CologneRyanair |We|Sa
Berlin - BrandenburgEasyjet |We|Sa
GenevaEasyjet |Tu|Sa
Brussels - CharleroiRyanair |Su
SofiaRyanair |Mo|Fr
BudapestWizzAir |Tu|Sa
BucharestWizzAir| Tu|Sa
Warsaw - ChopinWizzAir |Tu|Sa (From Dec 12th)
Abu DabiWizzAir |Tu|Sa

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